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The Stories of the Modern Kazakh Prose

Retelling selected stories of 20th century Kazakh Literature

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The Sounds of the Great Steppe

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The Sounds of the Great Steppe

Through Artists' Eyes

Abai Kunanbaiuly is one of the most inspiring figures in Kazakh art. Classic paintings, rare photos, and modern pop images depicting Abai transcend generations and social constructs. Every artist sees him differently, from their own soul, leading to particular representations and unique visuals.

Western Travellers

Kazakhstan & Central Asia: Through the Eyes of Western Travelers

The Great Steppe has long attracted the intrepid and curious adventurers from the West. The Abai Center’s collection of their writings—travelogues, academic field work, diplomatic dispatches, and personal journals—are among the earliest observations of Turkic and nomad culture and customs to be published at large scale.

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